"these are my hands...these are my faults...these are my plans...these are my nasty little thoughts...i wrote them down for you to contemplate..."

Friday, June 3, 2011

Head vs. Heart

A situation occurred today that got me thinking...really really thinking. I am a smart person...yet I am the dumbest person when it comes to love. So, how is that possible? What is it about love that turns people into fools? I continue to make the same errors over and over again. I fall into the same patterns, with the same people. I lack common sense in the love department, but I can maintain a 4.0 GPA. Quite frankly, it's embarrassing. I constantly tell myself not to get into these situations...and I constantly tell others that I won't make the same mistake twice. Yet, things never change. There is something about love that just turns people into fools; well at least me. How does one turn off their heart, and listen to their head?? If anyone knows the answers....please let me know....

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  1. you shudnt listen to your head at all in the matters of love... for head always thinks abt benefit and heart abt giving and feeling... including pain... when u start loving unconditionally without expectations... you will come to know and experience things you have never imagined, All i can say is love is beautiful, dont let the heart breaks, and feeling like a foool make u lose this sentiment or the urge to fall into the trap once more... for if u wont be a fool u wont love and if u wont love u wont live... u will be just a meaningless as a building with no feelings, and resided by no one...:)emoty barren, lifeless...:) i am a big fan of my heart... it never fails to amaze me of its strength and its ability to suffer and yet have that sense of adventure, childlike fun , innocence and beauty alive...:)