"these are my hands...these are my faults...these are my plans...these are my nasty little thoughts...i wrote them down for you to contemplate..."

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Using A Song To Say All The Things That You Can't

Hi, My name is Kerri...and I'm addicted to YouTube. I'm sure if we are friends on Facebook you seem my constant links to songs, videos, etc...I do apologize, but what can I say? Youtube has got me hooked. 85% of the time the songs I put up are songs that I miss hearing on the radio, songs that I wanna hear but am too lazy to get up and turn on my Ipod, songs that aren't on my Ipod, songs that I hear on a television show or on a movie...I think you get the point. But, 15% of the time there are hidden messages in my song choices. I'm not talking about subliminal messages, like "Buy me a penguin" or "Give me all your money", I am talking about the words I can not say and the feelings I can not express. I never want to say the wrong thing, most of the time I'm too shy to actually say the words...so I hide behind music. I hear songs and they remind me of someone...or evoke to emotion so perfectly...and I do want to pick up the phone to say, "Hey, this song reminds me of you". Then this little voice inside me yells, "Hold up! Slow your roll! Think before you dial!". I instantly start to doubt my decision and go to Plan B. I put the video up on Facebook and hide behind a song. Sometimes I worry that the person the song is intended for will figure out that the song is for them. Maybe in some way I want that to happen ;-) And, who knows, if people actually read my rambling, suddenly everyone will think certain songs are about them. Like I said, this happens 15% of the time, it's very rare. I am just a YouTube addict, plain and sinple. But I digress, the point of this post was to talk about why people hide behind music or maybe even the power music has over our emotions. I've always wished I had some sort of musical talent. I can write lyrics, but have nothing to put them to. I have considered taking up the tambourine or the banjo...but I'm pretty sure it would be a hot mess of a musical disaster. If my parents were Stevie Nicks and Bruce Springsteen maybe I would stand a change in creating a musical masterpiece. Instead, I live through the music of others. It's not so bad, but sometimes I get jealous when I hear songs...I wish that I had just a tiny bit of their talent. To me, music is life....and to quote Nietzsche, "Life without music is nothing". Music is created to be appreciated. The artists also create their music to say express their true feelings. I hope they don't mind that I use their songs to express my feelings...to say all the things I can not say...

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