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Thursday, March 17, 2011

"We're Adults...When Did That Happen And How Do We Make It Stop?"

The above quote is one of many quotes I have collected from watching "Grey's Anatomy". I am Meredith Grey, well when she was in her dark and twisty phase. Oh, and I'm not a Doctor, but I find myself relating to her A LOT. But, I digress...this is supposed to be about my frustration about becoming a little old lady...and the fact I never even saw it coming. I turned 30 in September, but looking back,  think I developed "Little Old Lady" syndrome when I was 27. It began with clipping coupons, reading the food shopping flyers, and on Sundays scouring through the CVS and Walgreens flyers. I began comparing prices between stores. When I did go food shopping, I was...and still am the old lady with a food shopping list, an envelope full of coupons I am possibly going to use, and another envelope to put the coupons I am using in. Then I began bringing a calculator with me to the grocery store. On Saturday, which is the last day of listweekly sales for CVS and Walgreens, I would go and buy things like hair color and vitamins, which of course I had coupons for. At the time, I had no clue that I was on the verge of full fledged adulthood. Now when I go grocery shopping I can make a list and have the items in the exact order where they are located in the store. I have the layout of Shaw's on the West side, Stop and Shop on the West side and the North side, I know the layout of Price-Rite...I also know the layouts for the CVS on N.Pearl St, the one on Oak St., and the one on the East side. Same thing with Walgreens...on Pleasant St, Oak St, and the one on Centre St. I'm like the Rainman of grocery shopping and pharmacies. My second symptom of "Little Old Lady" syndrome effected me the most. It actually frightened me. I have already uttered the words, "When I was your age..." One time the statement was, "When I was your age gas cost 99 cents a gallon" There was the time I said, "When I was your age cigarettes were between $4.50-$5.00 a pack". I vividly recall rolling my eyes and thinking that whoever was making the statement, "When I was your age...", was old and boring. I told myself I would never say something like that. The moment those words escaped my lips a little under a year ago, I was mortified and embarassed. I thought it would be only a one time thing, but nope...at least once a week I say..."Well, when I was your age..." My third symptom of "Little Old Lady" syndrome occured just this past week. Never in my whole life has Daylight Savings time effected me, sure I was a little tired. But, Ohmygod...losing that 60 minutes this past Sunday has seriously done some damage. Here it is Thursday and I'm still feeling the effects. I'm not the only one, a couple of my friends feel the same way. So, there it is, I'm a little old lady. I never saw it coming. I have lost my youth. I use anti-wrinkle cream under my eyes. Now, does anyone know how to make it stop?!?!?

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